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Anadolu Yaldiz A.S supplies an extensive line of hot stamping foils and lamination films. We serve diverse markets including plastics, graphic arts, automotive and textile. For 20 years, customers have relied on our proven expertise in product quality and technical support.

We carry a very wide selection hot stamping foils stock to consistently and timely meet their specific application needs.

Our divisions "Yurtseven Etiket" is specialized in high quality label printing and "Anadolu Barkod Sistemleri" supplies barcode printers their ribbons, sell by date coders and supplies.

Customer achievement and satisfaction remain foremost in our business priorities. Every customer is important to us, and requests are given courteous and expedient attention.

Our personnel welcome the opportunity to demonstrate how "Anadolu Yaldiz" 's products and services can have a positive impact on your business.


Anadolu Yaldiz A.S. Tel: 90-212 4460202 / Fax: 90-21) 4450164 etiket@anadoluyaldiz.com  yaldiz@anadoluyaldiz.com  abs@anadoluyaldiz.com